Axel Blake is performing at Carry On Comedy in Ibiza May 2020


Carry On Comedy Ibiza 2020

Carry on Comedy 2019 was a blast quite literally a laugh a minute from the get go…we partied hard on the island of Ibiza and pretty much everybody had a good time.

So, what do we have for 2020 well we are definitely heading back to the Balearic Isle but this time:

1. We’ve upgraded the accommodation,
2. We’ve included another night
3. We got more comedians a
4. We got more DJ’s

Set your diary for May 8th-12th 2020 ‘cause we’re going to IBIZA baby! Oh and did we mention it’s a bank holiday…that’s right we’ve had a few words with the powers that be and Friday May 8th is officially a bank holiday.

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