Be a Volunteer

What is volunteering?

A simple explanation to what Volunteering means is giving up your own time (as little or as much as you like) to help others (individuals, groups, communities), without getting paid (apart from some expenses).

As well as the fulfilment gained from spending time helping others, there are great benefits for you too. Volunteering is a great way to:

  • meet new people with the same interest as you and be part of a team
  • develop and learn new skills
  • explore new work roles and opportunities
  • get involved in your community, and gain a sense of achievement
  • gain references for future jobs and improve your CV
  • obtain valuable experience for work or further education
  • share your interests, knowledge and experience
  • receive funded training
  • and have FUN!

Volunteering has progressed and widened allowing opportunities for all age groups and backgrounds. Whatever you are seeking or looking to achieve volunteering could provide you with an ideal opportunity to explore this further.

Once you start volunteering assistance may be available to cover out of pocket expenses (eg. travel, lunch); training in preparation for your role, and appropriate support. There may also be opportunities to gain a qualification or other forms of accreditation to add to your CV.

If you are on Job Seekers Allowance then the good news will be that it does not affect your benefits (Subject to you being available to attend interviews).

What can I do?

There is a vast range of volunteering roles available for you now, whether you wish to work in marketing or back stage.

You might want to do administration, event organising, filming, photography, ticket sales, amongst a host of other areas.

When you are trying to decide what it is you are going to do, make sure that it is something that you are going to enjoy. We can help you explore options specific to your aspirations when you contact us at [email protected]